Watch Reba, Randy Travis & More Reflect On Thanksgiving Memories & Favorite Traditions Back In 1988

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Thanksgiving is a time to slow down, reflect, spend time with loved ones, and fill up your stomach with mama’s cooking.

This time of year, our favorite country music artists are gearing up for the holidays just like we are.

Even in 1988, country music stars were pausing their Nashville to-do lists and traveling for their annual traditions. And country music news syndicate Crook & Chase, caught up with a few of them to talk all things Thanksgiving.

When asked what she was most thankful for in 1988, Reba shared with Crook & Chase that she attributes her success and wit in the industry to her relationship with “her buddy upstairs,” and that she’s thankful He’s got her back:

“The thing I’m thankful for is first my sanity, because the business is hectic. Your mental and your body it just doesn’t keep up with the pace that the music business does dish out to you… You get so tired you don’t know what you’re saying half the time.

So what I’m thankful for, the most thing in all the world, is my buddy upstairs… He’s gonna make sure he surrounds me with people who take care of me.”

She also shared that she’s thankful to go home to all sorts of love from family during the holidays, and fellow country music singer, Randy Travis, agrees.

In his interview he shared one some of his favorite Thanksgiving traditions:

“When I was living in North Carolina still with mama and daddy, ya know, a lot of the family would come down to my grandma’s house… so we’d all gather there and have a big meal, sit around talkin’ and just have a nice evening.”

And while some stars like Reba and Randy looked toward the holiday excitedly, others like Alabama frontman, Randy Owen, reminisced on former thanksgivings with loved ones who’d passed on:

“I guess I’ll never, in my opinion, have another ideal Thanksgiving… but I get as close to that as I can, I’m a real nut about family and getting everybody together no matter what it takes.”

Georgia native and “Darlene” singer, Graham Brown couldn’t help but think of home and mama when he was asked about the upcoming holidays:

“…Just to be around and eat mama’s cookin,’ whewww, mama if you’re listening please cook up that good turkey, that’s what I like!”

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