Throwback to Cody Jinks Performing “Cast No Stones” On The Texas Music Scene

Cody Jinks country music

Old but gold.

Cody Jinks is a phenomenal songwriter, but we all know that. One song that I’ve always loved is “Cast No Stones.”

The tune has a slower melody, still with deep red dirt guitar riffs, and the kind of lyrics that stick to your ribs.

Back in 2015, Jinks did a performance for The Texas Music Scene, and this live version of the song has to be one of my favorites.

The video starts with Cody Jinks giving some backstory of how the song came to life, and it’s interesting to hear how it has been around for a bit but didn’t make its record debut till 2015 on Adobe Sessions.

“That’s a song I wrote seven or eight years ago. I’d put it on a record that’s no longer in print.

We’ve always played it, and we’ve had a lot of people say we need to recut it again the way we do it now.”

I would have loved to hear the original way they played the song. It’s always fascinating to hear how an artist changes a tune slightly over time so it adapts to their sound as it evolves, and they have perfected their craft.

“It’s gotten a little bit bluesier than it was in its original, but we cut it and content its the same….you know, lyrically, it’s still the same.

It’s a waltz, and it’s one of the slower songs we play, but man, they light up (the fans) everywhere we go. They love that song.”

After Jinks gives an intro, the band strikes up the tune. Jinks’ deep and smooth voice hits in all the right places to match the guitar. You can hear the blues elements in how the band plays, which is phenomenal.

He belts out the second chorus lyrics of:

“I cast no stonesWhat gives you the right?To tell me my businessGood God, man, you’re out of your mind
So put up your BibleOh, let me get mineI’m not dragging the whole world to hellYou’re wasting my time.”

This song will always be a classic Jinks tune for me. It hits the nail on the head of who he is as an artist with deep southern draws, classic red dirt texas sound, and stellar songwriting.

You need to give it a watch.

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