Ryan Leaf Dunks On Jets Fan Who Called Zach Wilson The “Mormon Ryan Leaf”

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Ryan Leaf is better at Twitter than he was at football…

It’s no secret that New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson is in the hot seat right now. Granted, the team has played fairly well this year, you know… for the Jets, but after dropping two of their last three to the Patriots (and pulling off a win against the Bills), fans are getting frustrated.

The mom slayer has 4 touchdowns and 5 interceptions on the year, and a dismal 1,270 yards… good enough for 31st in the league.

So when you look at his draft class, as Dave Kluge pointed out on Twitter, you gotta wonder if they made a big mistake not taking Justin Fields or Trey Lance, or another position… guys like Ja’Marr Chase, Micah Parsons, or Najee Harris.

Granted, Trevor Lawrence is having just an ok season, Justin Fields has show us flashes of brilliance primarily with his legs, Trey Lance got hurt, and Mac Jones is right down there with Wilson so… jury is still out on whether there is a Super Bowl caliber quarterback in this entire draft.

But it’s starting to look like Zach Wilson isn’t the guy…

That being said, another fan chimed in calling Zach Wilson the “Mormon Ryan Leaf,” and Ryan responded calling it par for the course for the New York Jets organization:

And when the fan clapped back, Ryan straight up put him in a body bag:

Of course, Ryan Leaf was drafted with the 2nd overall pick by the San Diego Chargers in the 1998 NFL draft after they traded up to take him.

Leaf quickly started to show some discipline issues towards the end of his college career at Washington State, and the Colts took Peyton with the 1st overall pick, but teams were pretty divided on who had more potential. Needless to say, the Colts made the right decision…

Leaf went on to become widely regarded as the biggest NFL bust of all time after just a few years in the league marred by injuries, off the field issues, poor play and just an overall lack of discipline and work ethic.

For all you young bucks out there, think of Johnny Manziel, but Leaf actually had the tools to play NFL quarterback, and his demise was pretty shocking, whereas Manziel… the writing may have been on the wall.

Leaf eventually went to prison for burglary and drug possession, however has since turned his life around, getting sober, working as a college football analyst, and helping others on their journeys to sobriety.

And murdering Jets fans on Twitter…

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