Mother Wolf Gets Hilariously (And Aggressively) Frustrated With Her Rambunctious Pups

mama wolf

Sometimes, things happen in nature that so closely resemble how humans are that you just can’t help but laugh really hard.

Parenting is hard in all walks of life. You have a little fun, then all of the sudden you have a little creature to care for and keep alive, with no ‘me time’ in sight.

It’s a life changing event, even for animals. In a world that is so tough for them, when they have kids they have far more to worry about… just like people.

But, that’s their whole life. Always battling the elements and fighting for their next meal and survival. So, like all parents, they learn and adjust their lifestyle and figure it all out as they go.

Animals sometime make it look easy though. We see them just living their lives as normal as can be. But, that’s easy to assume just catching them with a quick glance.

Wolves have 4 to 6 pups on average. They breed for life and like humans also, the alpha female gets control during the breeding period. The pack follows her commands and brings the food right to her as needed.

Nature isn’t always so different.

After birth the mother cares for the young closely for 2 months and then teaches them how to be independent over the next 6 months. Between 6 to 8 months of age the wolf pups begin to be normal members of their packs.

This video shows a mother and her pups in a typical, mother and kid relationship.

All the mother wants is some peace and quiet for rest. Her kids come into her part of the den bugging her for love and attention.

Sometimes mama needs rest though.

The snarl comes out full force as the mother attempts to put her kids in their place using tough love. She definitely lets them know she wants to be left alone.

They still whine for her attention, and I’m scared just watching the interaction.

I find this hilarious though… if you’re a parent, you already know.

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