Elk Fights To Protect Her Calf Against A Young Bear In Arizona

Bear elk

Nature is one cruel beast.

The young, the old, and the weak are the least protected and most likely to get into a life threatening situation.

In a world where all animals fight for each meal they get, the easier it comes the better it is.

Each year elk give birth to their young, which come out the perfect meal size for many predators. Right out of the gate the odds are stacked against them for survival.

As cruel as it sounds, it really is one of the things that makes nature so cool. In a world where it seems like everything wants them dead with all odds against them, time and time again these animals show us they can, and will, fight to survive.

But, sometime they need a little bit of help. And there’s no better help than a mother with a mother’s love.

There’s something chemical there that makes a mother super protective of their young. They carried this creature, gave birth all by themselves and then will do anything in their power to keep it alive, even attack a bear.

In this video from Flagstaff, Arizona, a young bear is seen sniffing around a log. Often times members of the deer family will stick their young in a hiding spot to give them time to get some food for themselves.

This can leave the calf more vulnerable to predation in some instances.

This bear was onto them and immediately sniffed out the young elk, but it started quickly crying as it realizes the danger.

The mother elk looks over highly concerned and comes running in for protection. The bear stands off a bit, but the moment the elk relaxes it goes back in for the kill.

The mother is having none of it and comes flying in kicks a blazing. The bear gets to safety in a tree and decides the risk is not worth the reward as the calf makes its way out of there with the mother’s protection.

What an amazing interaction to capture on film.

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