Touring With Jon Pardi Looks Like Fun…

Jon Pardi country music

Well…. this tour looks just awful.

Friends, beer, music and fun… that’s what it is like being on tour with Jon Pardi.

CMT took some behind the scene footage of life on the road with Pardi during his stop in Boston for his Ain’t Always the Cowboy Tour with Lainey Wilson and Hailey Whitters.

Jon and his wife, Summer, are experiencing a lot of firsts on this tour as it is one of Pardi’s largest headlining tours, and Summer is carrying their first child.

“From corny pranks to pre-show puppies and sold-out performances, being On The Road with Jon Pardi is one heck of a time! ” 

Jon notes that being out on tour makes him feel like he can relax. He gets to nap, have afternoon beers, joke around with his band and Whitters and Wilson, and hang out with his wife…

Sounds pretty damn good to me.

After exploring the city in the morning and eating, Pardi likes to check out how the setup and stage build-out is going.

This episode, in particular, was the last show that Hailey Whitters would be on, as she was leaving to get married.

“When I designed the ‘Ain’t Always the Cowboy Tour,’ I wanted Hailey, and I wanted Lainey, and I didn’t even ask anybody else.

They are both more than artists to me… they’re friends.” 

This statement rings true from all the fun the trio has had on tour. From the girls dressing up as babies when Summer announced her pregnancy to Pardi and Wilson dressing up as corn during Whitters’ last show, the pranks and laughs seem non-stop.

It’s also great to see clips of how Pardi interacts with his crew and goes out of his way to make sure they are all calm, cool, and collected during the tour. We learn that Pardi likes to build up his crews’ morale by having animal shelters stop by for “puppy breaks” during set up on show days.

Once sound check is complete, it’s time to prep for taking the stage and put on a hell of a show.

After watching this video, I want to hit the road with Pardi.

Looks like a damn good time.


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock