Alaskan Hunter Recalls Fighting Off Bear Attack With An Ice Axe: “I Sink The Axe Right Behind Its Ear”

Hunter bear axe
Clint Adams

You have to think it’s every avid hunter, camper, and hiker’s biggest nightmare to be out in the forest, and run into a pissed off bear that sees them as a threat.

I mean, it doesn’t get much worse…

That’s exactly what Clint Adams and his crew ran into while mountain goat hunting on Alaska’s Baranof Island in Sitka, last month.

On the first day, Adams was hiking with his buddy Matt Ericksen, his girlfriend Melody Orozco, and their guide.

Everything was going smooth, until Adams heard the guide yell:

“Oh, fuck. Run!”

It was a bear.

He shared on Instagram:

“In my mind all I can think is ‘oh no, it’s happening. A grizzly charge is really happening.’

The guide runs past me and as I prepare to take the hit from the bear, I look in its eyes and see he is locked on the guide and all I have is this ice axe (my gun is strapped to my back pack).

As the bear runs a foot by me I sink the axe right behind its ear right as it takes three more steps and hits the guide in the back and runs him over. The boar turns and comes to charge the guide again and he got his rifle off his shoulder just in time to get a shot off in the air and the blast from the .375 muzzle brake stopped that charge.

The big boar decided to charge again as Matt Ericksen shoots three shots from the revolver at the same time the guide point and aims and shots it in the leg/chest area and it finally ran off to 30 yards.

It was thinking of charging a 4th time but we were all making enough noise it finally decided he didn’t want any more part of our hunting party. This could have turned out so much worse.

A miracle that none of us came away with as much as a scratch.”

They have no idea if the bear died or not.

His girlfriend witnessed the whole sight firsthand, and it was her very first hunting trip too.

He recalled the conversation with both of their families:

“This was her very first hunting trip, and both our families were like, ‘Hey, are you sure you want to dive into the deep end?’ I was concerned too.”

Needless to say, the situation could’ve been much, MUCH worse..

And it sounds like they never got a shot at a mountain goat either… bummer.

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