Cardinals DE JJ Watt Helps Out Sports Bettor Who Got Cheated Out Of $1,000 On Bad Call

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What a guy.

If you’re an Arizona Cardinals fan and were watching the game yesterday against the Los Angeles Rams, then there was a very good chance you were screaming at your TV when the Rams’ backup quarterback John Wolford obviously fumbled the ball on a strip sack, and JJ Watt picked it up with a clear path to the end zone.

Unfortunately, the refs ruled the play incomplete.

Of course, the refs realized they completely effed up and it was obviously a fumble, but it was too late…

JJ Watt’s touchdown wasn’t put on the board, but the Cardinals got the ball on the challenge and took it down for a score, eventually winning the game 27- 17.

So for anybody who went out on a limb and bet on an Arizona defensive touchdown, the refs probably just cheated you out of a big ol’ bag of money.

With that being said, one fan actually did bet on a Arizona defense anytime touchdown in a 3-leg parlay, and would’ve won $1,000 had the refs not been incompetent on that play.

He even tweeted out to Watt:

“They blew that play dead but you would’ve walked in the endzone… should’ve won $1000, wanna help a brotha out?”

He also showed the receipt from the bet placed as well.

You would think that never in a million years one of the best players in the NFL would go out of his way to actually help a random fan out like that, especially over a bet.

But JJ Watt is not like most star NFL players, and he’s the man of the people, so he responded back by saying:

“Yeah you got screwed. (we both did)

I got you.

DM me your address.”

Now I’m not sure if he actually sent over $1,000 to the down bad bettor, or if he sent a signed jersey or what, but needless to say, it was another classy move by arguably the most likeable and well-respected defensive ends in the NFL.

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