Morgan Wade Shines A Light On Mental Health Struggles In Incredible And Important “The Night (Part 2)”

Morgan Wade country music

Morgan Wade has done it again.

What an important piece of music she put out today.

In the follow up to her fan-favorite “The Night,” from the deluxe addition of her 2021 debut studio album Reckless, Morgan shines a very important light on her own mental health struggles with anxiety and depression.

In the sequel “The Night (Part 2),” she follows up on the fact that, while she is now sober and tries to do everything she can to push herself to be better everyday, there are plenty of times where she feels she still falls short.

While the production on this one is definitely different from the first “The Night,” the honesty in every single line is incredibly apparent and important, just like the first version.

Morgan describes old memories of the time when she wrote the first song, saying she knows she’s still human and isn’t pretending like it’s not possible she could fall back into old habits one day:

“I wrote a song about being suicidal
Put it on the internet and it went kinda viral
And my old friends we don’t talk anymore
But I still have the memories of waking up on their floor
And I’m mighty proud of where I’m at
But I’m one bad day from falling back
And I’m one bad day from relapse
And I’m gon’ find myself right back in rehab, yeah”

I don’t know of any other country artists within the mainstream scope who would be willing to go fully there with a song like this, much less two of them, and be so open about how much they’re actually struggling.

What I do know, though, is that Morgan is doing some very meaningful and impactful stuff by releasing these songs and sharing her story.

There are many people who are thankful she’s willing to do so, as scary and hard as it may be for her, and it’s another reason why she’s one of the most promising young stars in the genre right now.

Money simply can’t buy her kind of honesty, authenticity and sincerity.

She shared some of her thoughts on the release over on Instagram, saying how excited she is to be putting “The Night (Part 2) out into the world, adding that she wanted to essentially bare her soul in the video and song for people to see how she’s evolving and changing both as an artist and person:

“The Night (Part 2) is as honest as possible about being front and center with myself and the video is meant to be the same.

It was important for me to show how I am evolving and changing as a person. While this song is a different sound, the one thing that is the same is that I’m being vulnerable and honest about where I am mentally and with my sober journey.

Check it out on Facebook, link in story! #TheNightPart2.”

I can’t overstate just how incredible this song is… it gives me chills every time I hear it:

She also released a music video for “The Night”:

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