Morgan Wade Set To Release “The Night (Part 2)” Next Month

Morgan Wade country music

The song that put Morgan Wade on the map is getting a sequel on November 11th, and I couldn’t be more excited.

The first Morgan Wade song I heard was “The Night,” and it still is one of my absolute favorite songs by her and in general. The song so poignantly describes what someone’s struggles with addiction and/or mental health can look like.

It is an in-between song because the singer isn’t necessarily at her lowest point, but she’s still not confident in her okay-ness. She is getting different advice from doctors and her own thoughts and friends that all differ.

In particular, her friends are telling her to just keep her feelings to herself and that they will fade with time, but the singer doesn’t think that’s true:

“I tell my friends and they tell me that
Time will only do me well
But I won’t shut my mouth, is it a rule down in the south
That you can’t talk about your mental health?”

It’s pretty easy to see why this song connected with so many, including myself.

So, of course, ever since I saw on Twitter that Morgan Wade is not only releasing a part two to “The Night” but also a vinyl with both parts, I have been obsessing over it.

Wade describes the song as being “for anyone who knows the struggle, who battles these things [and] is trying to hold on.”

Is this part two going to be a continuation of the same in-between feelings, or is it going to show a progression of the singer’s mental health forward or backward?

Is it going to have the same sound and melody like it’s an actual sequel, or is it going to sound like a completely new song?

I have no idea, but I honestly cannot wait to hear it.

We just gotta wait one month…

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