Black House Cat Takes A Run At Red Fox & Quickly Shows It Who’s Boss

Black cat

These cats are pretty wild themselves.

House cats have no chill. Well, they do have a lot of chill, but they also have a whole lot of wild instincts left in them.

Anyone who lets their cat go outdoors knows about it all to well. Nearly all house cats have proudly set a dead squirrel at the feet of their owners.

House cats kill more song birds in a year than any industry in the world. To put this into perspective windmills are a large known killer of birds taking out an estimated 1.2-million every year in the US. Cats are estimated to take out 2.4 BILLION every year.

This is a problem, there’s no two ways about it. But, it shows how our fury friends still have the killer instincts from when they were completely wild.

I mean, they aren’t that far off from living on their own though. We all know someone who took in the old barn cat as a pet. Its parents where fending for themselves so why couldn’t it?

Foxes on the other hand are similar to another furry friend… dogs.

They are a miniature version of a coyote or wolf just like a cat is to a lynx or cougar. They hunt small mammals all the time and love areas where humans reside as it creates easier hunts for them in grassy field where they catch small rodents.

With that though, comes many interactions with foxes. They will scout out your yard and see if there’s any easy picking for food. Although they are relatively harmless, they are wild and may try to eat your smaller pets… like possibly, your cat.

This red fox landed in someone’s backyard to eye up their cat, and the pair have a pretty intense stare off.

The fox is unsure how to proceed, and almost seems a bit friendly in its approach, but then again, they don’t call foxes “sly” for nothing. Wise to the foxy schemes, the cat is ready to go if need be.

As they stare for a long while until the cat has enough of it. He charges the fox full bore and chases him out of the yard.

Score one for the kitty.

Score two for the kitty actually…

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