Farmer Goes Ballistic Over Duck Hunters On The Edge Of His Land: “YOU ARE TOUCHING MY F*CKING CORN”

North Dakota duck hunters

This was almost UGLY.

A dispute is currently being investigated after a heated confrontation was documented between a landowner, and a few duck hunters in North Dakota’s Eddy County.

It all went down October 21st, and was recorded by Jacob Sweere of Madison Lake, Minnesota, according to Meat Eater.

Sweere and a buddy drove up from Minnesota to meet some more friends for a duck hunt. The hunters had set up a spread between a cut bean field and cut cornfield, and were about to have one helluva day bagging a number of birds, but the owner of the adjacent cornfield came out to confront the group about hunting on the property, and boy, he went ballistic.

It seems like they had permission from one land owner, but since they set up right on the line, the owner landowner wasn’t having it. It also seems like they beat him to a spot that he wanted.

You can hear him say:

“I was going to hunt here this morning, but I heard you guys were coming. I own the f*cking land. Now that you’re here, I can’t hunt here. So you know what, f*ck you!”

The hunters maintained their composure throughout the verbal altercation, but the landowner wouldn’t letup, and after they continued to hunt, he even called the game warden to suggest he give them tickets.

“Now we can all get a ticket… if you wouldn’t have shot, you wouldn’t have got one… YOU’RE TOUCHING MY F*CKING CORN! You tell the game warden you’re not on my land, and I’ll send him the picture. Thanks for reminding me, asshole.”

When one of the duck hunters said that he talked to another landowner, the farmer continued screaming at them:


What do you know about this farming shit? Then what do you know about being on people’s land with posted? We would’ve been friends, we would’ve hunted together if you would’ve just come and asked me.

And now we’re not because you’re a know-it-all.”

He also told them that he’d let them hunt on his property if they gave him “half the price of your fine,” and also offered to let them hunt if they paid him, while at the same, threatening that they could out of a ticket if they just paid him (sounds a little like extortion).

It was kind of hilarious to watch him go nuts (not for the hunters whose day was ruined), but the video has since gone viral and charges may be filed.

According to North Dakota’s hunter harassment law:

“An individual may not intentionally interfere with the lawful taking of wildlife on public or private land by another or intentionally harass, drive, or disturb any wildlife on public or private land for the purpose of disrupting a lawful hunt.”

It also insists:

“Landowners or operators interfering with hunters on land owned or operated by that individual.”

Game Warden James Myhre was called to the scene and told the Grand Forks Herald that the incident is currently under investigation:

“It’s being looked into at the moment here, and no charges have been filed yet at this point. But there will potentially be something coming in the future… I don’t know at this point.”

What an absolute scene…


Here’s an update from Sweere, the hunter who took the original viral video:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock