Raccoon Hides Behind Tree After Stumbling Upon Random Elk Skull In The Woods

Racoon elk

Scary skulls.

This ol’ trash bandit doesn’t know what to think.

It’s always funny when you see a wild animal display emotion that are oddly humanlike in nature.

Something about being human makes us think they aren’t fully capable of this, or that they’ve seen it all so it flies off them like nothing happened.

But, then every once in awhile something pops up and reminds us they aren’t all that different from us.

The ol’ bandit raccoons are a creature that has a habit of reminding us of this. They are incredible smart and able creatures that behavior can just be hilarious at times.

They have thumbs, unlike many other creatures, especially in North America, that make them very capable for such a small animal. They only weigh between 10 and 20 pounds and are roughly 2 to 3 feet long. For such a small animal they can cause a lot of damage and get themselves in some interesting situations due to how smart they are.

They are common garbage eaters and often times get themselves stuck in garbage cans all over the place.

But, they also frequently live exclusively in the woods. And in the woods, the will eat anything, just like in town. Fruit, nuts, frogs, bugs and rodents. Anything they can get at easily and scavenge is their favorites.

Given that a species lives everywhere and will eat anything you would figure not much would literally scare them. Sure, there’s some things they would avoid for obvious safety reasons, but to actually scare one would be some sort of challenge.

Not for this raccoon though.

As he walks through the woods, he comes across an elk skull laying on the ground. The second he notices it, he stops dead in his tracks and hides behind a tree.

The raccoon inspects the scene and is clearly afraid of the old skull laying there.

He creeps put from behind the tree and nervously passes without taking its eye off the skull.

That’s some wholesome, funny stuff right there.

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