Shane Smith & The Saints Are BACK With New Single “Fire In The Ocean”

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There’s just something about Shane Smith & the Saints music that hits different.

Maybe it’s the gritty, almost haunting vocals of lead singer Shane Smith, the deep-cutting lyrics, or the way the band just rips when they play shows together (if you’ve seen them live, you know what I’m talking about).

However, it had been a hot minute since we’ve gotten some new music from the group, but that all changed when they released “Hummingbird” back in June, and it appears that they have a new album in the works as we speak.

“It’s been too long since we’ve released a studio recording, so tonight at midnight we’re dropping a single.. as usual, since this is a VERY grass-roots operation, please set your alarms, tag/send it around to anyone that needs to hear it, add it to your playlists, and let’s see what it can do.

I’m in Cusco, Peru right now and the bird-song vibe has followed me down here. ‘Hummingbird’ is a track I wrote with my step-cousin Jonathan Terrell and it hit me in the feels immediately when we played through it.

It’s a love song at it’s core, but covers some heavier subject-matter around anxiety and depression that I think a lot of folks can relate to these days. Hopefully it can have some kind of positive impact on any listeners dealing with those issues.

Much love fam. Let it steer the ship. Really hope you dig it.”

With that being said, their latest single “Fire in the Ocean” perfectly exemplifies everything that makes Shane Smith & the Saints great.

From the beginning of the song, you can almost imagine yourself sitting on a shore, gazing out into the ocean, which is exactly what the group knows how to do best, have their listeners feel like they’re in the setting of the song they’re singing.

Although they’ve seen a ton of success with songs like “All I See Is You” and “Cocaine Habit,” it appears that their best work is still ahead of them.

You can also catch them on the upcoming season of Yellowstone where they will appear as a live band on the show.

Check it out:

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