Hunter Uses A Spear And A Blowgun To Take Out Two Black Bears

blowgun hunt

What year is it?

This man is living in 1622 while we’re all in 2022.

He’s taking a massive step back in time with his weapons of choice. But hey, I haven’t seen it before so I won’t knock it until I see the results.

Using a blowgun or a spear is some next level stuff. To even attempt this you have to be one intense person and very confident in your hunting abilities.

Practicing with these weapons for fun is one thing. Using them for hunting, especially an animal like a bear is a whole other game.

This hunter was chasing after black bears over bait, which does dramatically increase your chances of getting one in any situation. If the bear is coming to the bait regularly, it will continue to do so regardless of the presence of people in most cases.

Black bears are easily habituated to humans especially when it comes to food. Food is all they care about and if they can get it easily they don’t care what else is around, they will go right to the source without a second thought.

The hunter first tries spearing a bear. A black bear is seen coming in within a few yards of the man standing in a tree stand. He explains that a spear is actually a very ethical weapon when used correctly as it can puncture easily, make a large wound and kill very fast.

As fast an arrow or rifle round? Doubtful, but we’ll see…

The hunter actually executes his plan in spectacular fashion, downing a bear very quickly with a heart shot from the spear.

Next up, the blow gun.

I had my doubts about this one. It seems a little light for an animal like a bear with thick skin, especially when there can be so much human error involved.

But, the hunter proves me very wrong.

He sets up and a bear comes in. The man can’t get a shot right away. But, he creeps up behind a log and waits for his perfect moment. You can tell this fella knows that he needs to make the perfect shot with how calm he is waiting for it.

The bear moves closers and opens up for the kill shot. The man blows with all he has and places the dart perfectly.

The bear drops within 50-yards.

I don’t think I will try either of these soon, especially since they are both illegal to use in my neck of the woods. However, it is good to know the effectiveness and pretty damn cool to see.

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