Maine Woman Plans To Spread Her Late Mom’s Ashes Over Alan Jackson’s House By Helicopter

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I think any country music fan would love an opportunity to get to meet the great Alan Jackson.

However, for this one woman from Maine, her reasoning for meeting one of the greatest country artists on this planet is a bit different than others.

According to Central Maine, Jackson noticed a woman in the crowd with a badass tattoo of his face on her back during his Keepin’ it Country Tour concert stop in Portland, Maine, back in 2015.

Jackson was so impressed that he brought the woman, who is Mary Anne “Marie” Gallant, onstage for a closer look.

He even danced with her for a little as he sang his song “Remember When.”

Unfortunately, Gallant passed away last year, but forever remembered that Alan Jackson concert as the happiest night of her life.

With that being said, Gallant’s daughter Sue Castle is trying to fulfill her mother’s dreams in the best way she knows how.

Eight years ago, Gallant talked about her role as the “hostess with the mostest” at a Denny’s restaurant in Auburn, Maine, and she had one simple request during the interview:

“When I die, I want my ashes spread over Alan Jackson’s house.”

And in perhaps a rather bizarre and sad twist in the story, her ashes were hard to get.

Gallant’s body was one of the eleven bodies stacked up in the unrefrigerated basement of Affordable Cremation Solution, in Lewiston, Maine. The funeral home has since been closed by the state.

Despite being mortified by what happened to her mother’s body, Sue is moving on to fulfil her mother’s request.

“We need to put it in the past. We can’t change what happened.”

She planned to fly in a helicopter with her mother’s ashes, and drop them over Jackson’s Nashville house yesterday, or get permission to spread them on the ground as his home. It’s unclear which of those happened.

Needless to say, it’s a rather weird request, but it couldn’t be more fitting for Gallant, who was arguably the biggest Alan Jackson superfan that will ever live.

She saw Jackson in concert two dozen times, held two license plates that displayed her love for the singer, had framed posters on her walls, and had a life sized cutout of him in her room for years, and even had it in the hospital with her when she was battling cancer in her tonsils.

Speaking of her mother, Castle said:

“She was obsessed with him.”

She also said that if she got the chance to meet Jackson, she would tell him:

“Thank you for giving my mom the best day of her life.”

She said she still remembers her mom calling her after the concert, screaming in joy, like it was yesterday.

Castle also designed a small display with a 1965 Mustang, a car that her mother loved, and a tiny figure at its wheel that looks like Gallant, and has several pictures of Gallant and Jackson.

She added that she may try to get AJ’s Good Time Bar in Nashville to put the display in the bar.

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