Longboarder Smokes A Young Deer At 40 MPH In The Arkansas Ozark Mountains

longboard deer

That one’s gotta hurt.

Hitting a deer in a car can do some serious damage, I can’t imagine taking one straight to the shins while traveling at the speed of a car.

Longboarding is an intense sport. People who are into it are big time thrill seekers and expect to have the odd wipeout. The sport for the extreme users generally involves a hill with some twisty turns on it.

The idea of it seems fun, but for me, the risk does not seem to be worth it. Anybody that I know who has done it, especially the hills, always seem to come away with a healthy dose of road rash at some point. Even wearing protective gear you’re going to get banged up traveling at these speeds.

The record for a longboard is 91- miles per hour. Many people have been recorded going over 80-miles per hour. Now, I’m sure that this fella wasn’t going that fast, but even at 30-40 miles an hour hitting something while you’re standing on a board with wheels doesn’t sound that fun.

Arkansas is home to white-tailed deer. In this area the average weight is around 100-pounds for does. That’s a large animal to hit going fast with very little protection.

The longboarder is seen ripping down a hill in the Ozarks as he crouches down trying to be more aerodynamic to pick up speed.

Out of nowhere two deer run out, one right in front of the longboarder who nails in square on… another deer follows.

The longboarder goes flying and slides quite a long way before coming to stop. As he realizes what happened, the pain sets in… and unfortunately for the young deer, it didn’t make it.

Here’s the scoop:

“Shot during the first run of the shoot featuring FC Team longboader, Jared Henry. Before this run, the sun was setting and the air was getting colder by the minute.

Because of this Jared threw on his Local Dave button-down before he started his ride. It was a clutch idea because minutes later he was sliding on pavement on his stomach at 40 MPH.

Chillest part about the whole thing was that after processing the shock and impact of the collision, he got back on the board and crushed out two more stellar runs, which is the footage of him featured in the brand film.

Super props to Jared Henry and the rest of the Fayettechill in America crew for handling this intense situation with control, safety, and a chill state of mind.”

Dude is hardcore.

I knew the pavement was a danger in this sport, but I guess I never even imagined hitting wildlife when doing it.

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