Throwback To Gretchen Wilson’s “All Jacked Up” Video Featuring Kid Rock, Larry The Cable Guy, Hank Jr. & More

Kid Rock

Throwback Thursday, anyone?

Debuted on CMT in August of 2005, Gretchen Wilson’s official music video for her single, “All Jacked Up” is really one for the ages. Coming on the heels of her inflation to success, the Redneck Woman herself really packed a lot into a short 3-minute video.

The opening scenes show Gretchen burning down the house with a bar performance of the song. But as she heads over to the bar for a couple of drinks, she starts up a flirtation with none other than the 2000s comedian sensation, Larry the Cable Guy.

In a sneak-peek interview with CMT in 2005, Gretchen shared:

“I get to flirt with Larry the Cable Guy. We do a little flirting at the bar. He’s got his woman here who’s a little bit big and mean and jealous. I don’t want to tell all the secrets…”

Gretchen describes Larry’s love interest in her “All Jacked Up” song as:

“A big ole girl walking out of the blue, 10 foot 2 with a bad attitude.”

But the video features Larry himself dressed up as his love interest, looking like his own ugly fraternal twin.

Next thing you see is a Kid Rock appearance, just down the bar from Larry himself. And as it turns out, he’s there to meet a few pals – Charlie Daniels and Hank Williams Jr.

Talk about a damn crowd to go drinking with!

You can catch Charlie Daniels peeking over at Gretchen’s fiddle player who adds a ton of flare to the track. But the legend himself must not find the current fiddler a good match, because him and Bocephus replace the band members and supply their own instrumentals.

And Kid Rock, never one to be left out of shenanigans, decides he will hit the concluding high note for Gretchen – taking the mic right out of her hand to end the performance.

It’s the stuff the 2000s were made of, and we probably all waited glued to the television to see this one on CMT for the first time. And it’s definitely aged well.

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