Emily Scott Robinson’s “Built On Bones,” The Title Track From Her Upcoming EP, Is A Perfect Addition To Your Country Halloween Playlist

Emily Scott Robinson Country Music
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Emily Scott Robinson is back with the brand new spooky song “Built On Bones” inspired by Shakespeare’s play Macbeth just in time to start making those Halloween playlists.

I couldn’t be more excited.

Robinson is a master at creating that haunting southern gothic atmosphere like on the song “Old Gods,” so I knew this song was going to be epic. Add in the fact that it’s inspired by the witches of the classic Shakespeare play, my English major brain was in hog heaven.

The song starts with this slow, tapping beat before some ominous guitars join in, immediately giving it this eerie feeling. Then Robinson starts singing, her voice powerful yet airy. Like she’s reciting a prophecy, informing us of what has happened and warning us of what will happen:

“Everything here is built on bones
Everything everything everything
And men will do as they’re foretold
Everything everything everything…”

The song slowly begins to build to get louder and add more voices, making the words feel stronger and more urgent. You can’t help but listen to what she’s singing.

The song features Alisa Amador and Lizzy Ross of Violet Bell whose voices create a beautiful harmony on the repeated “everything everything everything,” creating this repeated chant that you’re almost forced to sing along to.

The whole song has this gothic feel and is the seemingly the perfect introduction to Emily Scott Robinson’s next project, which she describes as the following:

“A song cycle for the Witches of Shakespeare’s MacBeth”

So, that’s right. “Built on Bones” the song isn’t the only Shakespearean tune we’re getting. An entire EP of the same name is going to be similar vibes.

I mean, the cover art alone is already making me need to have these songs in my hands. Look at the black and gold, the flowers, the daggers dripping blood.

I just can’t… it’s so amazing.

It comes out on October 28th, which is just in time for you get completely obsessed with it for Halloween.

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