Eric Church, Chris Stapleton, Marty Stuart, & Little Big Town Killed This Cover Of “The Weight”

Eric Church country music

I have to admit that the song “The Weight” by The Band is one of (if not) my favorite songs of all time.

It’s this weird story song that honestly doesn’t make a whole lot of sense and has all of these interesting Biblical imagery and references.

I don’t get a lot of the song, but like, I totally get it. It’s one of those…

Still, I adore it, so when I saw this cover on YouTube by some awesome country artists from back in 2015, I know I was going to be obsessed.

Eric Church kills his verses, and everyone sounds great together. You can hear the crowd joining in, particularly during the chorus. Which honestly is kinda the perfect sing along chorus.

What I love about this performance is that despite the cohesion during the parts of the song where Church, Chris and Morgane Stapleton, and Little Big Town sing together, all of their voices are so distinct that you can hear each one of them.

Chris Stapleton in particular just shines no matter what he’s singing, and this song is no different.

He sings one of the best verses, recounting the singer’s encounter with Carmen and the Devil:

“I picked up my bag
I went looking for a place to hide
When I saw Carmen and the Devil
Walking side by side
I said “Hey Carmen, come on
Let’s go downtown?”
And she said, “I gotta go
But my friend can stick around”

Of course, Stapleton just belts that last line, making everyone smile even bigger than they were before.

Now the biggest surprise and my absolute favorite part of this cover is when Morgane Stapleton, not to be outdone by her husband, absolutely smashes the heck out of the verse about Miss Moses, Ol’ Luke, and Anna Lee.

At this point, I just had to pause the performance and get up to take a lap before continuing because it was so good.

This is one of those songs that just scratches that satisfying part of my brain, and this cover is no different.

You need this in your life, especially if you’re having a rough or busy day. It’s guaranteed to cheer anyone up.

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