Duck Hunter Catches His Own Downed Bird Like A Wide Receiver Catches A Touchdown

That’s one of those stories you just can’t make up.

Well, it’s certainly good it’s on video because it’s almost unbelievable.

Duck hunting is a sport that creates a deep passion. Those that partake seem to be almost more into it and excited than many other hunting adventures and outdoorsmen. There’s just something about shooting a flying animal that makes something as fun as hunting more satisfying.

I mean, it’s an easy thing to spend a lot of time at. It’s not hard to convince anyone who likes hunting and shooting to go out and shooting a box of clays in an afternoon, calling in practice for the upcoming season.

It’s definitely a skill that can be honed in with practice and knowledge.

Duck hunting is usually done over a waterbody or wetland, given that ducks love water. With water and weeds come some challenges for retrieving an animal that is shot out of the sky and continues on with momentum after being shot.

Often, they land far away and hunters have many different tactics for retrieving these birds from dogs to boats to using insulated waders to walk through to area looking. Sometimes you’ll know right where it is and others come with a good look around and even sometimes you come up short handed.

This hunter came out as lucky as a man can be while out for a duck hunt. A group of hunters went out for opening day duck season in Kansas. Opening day is like Christmas for hunters… the raw excitement and pure joy that comes with another season arriving.

The group set out and quickly started dropping birds.

One hunter is seeing folding a duck coming into their calls and he sticks his hand up as the duck falls lands right in it.

You can hear him scream how he’s always wanted to catch one and hell, if he didn’t snag it out of thin air.

What a start to the season.

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