George Strait Called Spending Time At Camp David With President George H.W. Bush One Of The “Highlights” Of His Career

George Strait country music
George Bush Presidential Library

At a 2002 Astrodome show, George Strait shared that one of the best things he’d ever done was visit Camp David after receiving an invitation from late President George H.W. Bush and his wife.

Built in 1935 by the Work Projects Association, the 125-acre Camp David property was originally opened as a campsite for federal government employees and their families.

In 1942, the primary lodge and outbuildings transitioned in use to provide a secondary home-location for Presidents to enjoy the tranquility of nature or conduct business outside of the White House.

Many important political dignitaries, such as the likes of Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher, have stayed at Camp David, but rarely are invitations extended to common citizens.

Which just further proves that King George is an exceptional guy. Accepting Bush’s invitation, George Strait, his wife and their son, all stayed at the residence for a long weekend.

George and George even strapped up for a nice run around the camp together during the Straits’ stay.

George Strait country music
George Bush Presidential Library

To return the favor several years later, George H.W. Bush and his wife, Barbara accepted an invite to attend King George’s Astrodome show in Houston, Texas.

On stage, George publicly thanked the two for the opportunity to see Camp David first-hand, calling the experience:

“One of the highlights, if not the very best thing I’ve ever done in this business.”

He then shared a fond memory of George H.W. Bush relaying that one of his favorite songs of all time was “Love Without End:”

“I remember you told me once upon a time that this was one of your favorite songs, so I wanna do it for y’all.”

George Strait closed out the show that night with this dedication to the former President.

What a class act.

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