Two Bighorn Rams Go Head-To-Head In Wild Rocky Mountain Battle


That looks like it would make the ol’ head ring a little bit…

These things aren’t even locking horns it’s just straight up skull on skull fighting here.

These are some amazing animals though. I mean, if you’re going to live on the side of Rocky Mountains, you have to be a different kind of tough.

Males bighorn sheep grow massive sets of horns that keep growing throughout their whole life unlike the deer family that drops antlers every year. The have growth rings on their horns and you can age them from that.

These beasts are on par with lots of the animal kingdom when it comes to breeding. The big dominant male gets to call the shots and that guy is decided through intense fighting.

These animals live on mountains so they naturally have muscle unlike many. When they fight, the rams charge fast and hard going head-to-head. Since they can’t lock antlers, they literally use their forehead to charge.

One would think they would come out with head injuries after seeing it but, they actually have thicker skulls, sinuses that are enlarged and more adaptations to the area to help absorb hard impacts.

After seeing one ram another, you know you never want to be at the receiving end of this.

These two males are seen on the side of a mountain in Canada going head to head due to the females hanging around.

The pair run at each other full speed with the dominant one quickly being recognized.

The smaller sheep doesn’t give up though. Each time he gets the worst of it, he just circles around and takes another run in. It gets pushed around bad and even nearly cartwheeled down the hill but keeps on fighting.

He really wants the women.

Eventually the younger sheep realizes he just can’t win and leaves the older one to his business.

Breeding season is an interesting time for all wildlife.

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