Aaron Rodgers Told Joe Rogan He Played On Percocet, & This Postgame Interview Looks Like The Proof

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I’ll go ahead and say it, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ visit on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast was incredible.

From hearing some inside stuff about the NFL that us normal folk would never know about, like how the NFL basically scared every player into taking the vaccine, to teachers telling him he sucked, to Rogan going on a rant about the errors handling COVID-19 and even saying that more people are going to “vote Republican” now, it had it all.

With that being said, Rodgers also commented on the NFL’s “ass backwards” policy on treatment of injuries. Up until very recently, players were never allowed to smoke weed or take CBD, very natural pain management remedies, but team doctors would hand out more pain pills than the world’s biggest drug dealers.

Percocets, Vicodins, Oxys… these highly addictive substances were flowing like wine.

Aaron said he even played a game on Percocet back in the day when he was dealing with knee problems.

And it seems like this post game interview is all the proof we need to know he wasn’t lying.

It was a game back in 2018, where Rodgers severely injured his knee on the fourth possession after a sack. Playing against the Chicago Bears (the team he owns), he struggled heavily in the first half to even walk really, and the Packers found themselves in a 17-0 hole.

However, in the second half, he ran out of the locker room like a changed man, and threw for 273 yards and three touchdowns to seal the Packers’ comeback 24-23 over the Bears.

We’ve all heard the rumors before. Players getting hurt in the first half and going to the locker room at half time, and taking a cortisone shot to loosen them up so they can finish the game.

Except, it wasn’t a cortisone shot… it was Percocet.

And even back then, people knew he was high as a kite, but in light of his recent Perky revelation, it’s all but confirmed.

Just watch this postgame interview… dude sounds high off his ass.

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