Twitter Goes Scorched Earth After ESPN Plays Adam Wainwright’s Country Song In The Middle Of Game

Ada Wainwright Cacrdinals

Last night, the Atlanta Braves squared off against the St. Louis Cardinals in St. Louis.

It was a big time matchup, as the Braves are second in the NL East, and the Cards are first in the NL Central, and it was the rubber match as the series was split 1-1 going into last night, ultimately leading to a Cards comeback 6-3 win in the late innings.

However, the broadcasters decided to pull a move that you’d typically see when two teams with absolutely zero chance of making postseason play are facing off against each other, and broadcasters are just begging for some content to talk about.

Cards ace Adam Wainwright got the start last night, and out of left field, they decided to play one of Wainwright’s country songs he has in the works for an upcoming album he’s working on, titled “Sounds Real Good To Me.”

I want to go ahead and make this clear. I am in no way against athletes showing off their other talents, because I think it helps us realize that at the end of the day they’re people who like to pursue different things in life, just like us normal folk.

We’ve seen stuff like this before in the past, like when star pitcher Bronson Arroyo recorded a soft rock album back in the day. Also, I’ll never forget when the Braves got their utility player Chase D’Arnaud to play a free concert after a game with his band, just so fans had something to look forward to back when the Bravos were trash.

Barry Zito, Jake Peavy… plenty of guys have played music over the years.

But I will say, this song from Wainwright is incredibly mid. Well, lower mid…

Okay, okay, I guess he doesn’t have a bad voice, but this song is some of the cheesiest “Live, Laugh, Love” boyfriend country music I’ve ever heard. The vocal control is pretty bad and the production is sub par… just a weird thing to play during a television broadcast.

And for clarity, I’m a Wainwright fan. He’s a good ol’ boy from Brunswick, Georgia and is one of the good guys of baseball.

But this? It ain’t it chief.

Stick to throwing strikes, amigo.

Give it a listen and see for yourself:

With that being said, it appears that baseball fans feel the same way, as a number of them went scorched earth on the song:

The “Achy Breaky Heart” though?


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