Relive The Best John Dutton & Sheriff Donnie Haskell Moments From ‘Yellowstone’

Yellowstone Kevin Costner

In Yellowstone country, the Livestock Commissioner holds more weight than the badge of the local Sheriff.

In the hit TV show, we constantly see the Dutton family take all matters into their own hands, erasing any threat to the family name and ranch, regardless of the law.

Although they’ve seen their fair share of challenges so far throughout the first four seasons, with some nearly destroying the Dutton family legacy once and for all, we more than likely haven’t seen the worst of it yet as season five slowly gets closer and closer.

But speaking of the Livestock Commissioner and the Sheriff, Yellowstone has brought us the “Best of John Dutton & Sheriff Haskell.”

Played by Hugh Dillon, Sheriff Haskell has a love/hate relationship with John Dutton (Kevin Costner), and continues throughout the show until before his death inside the café in season four.

That “love/hate relationship” is perfectly depicted in a timeline throughout the video.

From Sheriff Haskell’s investigation of Rip Wheeler after he killed a Grizzly bear in self defense, to Haskell escorting Kayce Dutton back to the ranch after he got into a fight, pulling over John Dutton to talk about his relationship with the Beck brothers, to the fateful day where Haskell was murdered during the attempted robbery in the café.

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Yellowstone Stories From The Bunkhouse: A Toast To Sheriff Donnie Haskell

Man, what an episode.

This past Sunday, we not only got to see the premiere of the Yellowstone prequel, 1883, but we also got the opportunity to watch Jimmy and Emily’s relationship begin to grow in episode eight of season four, titled “No Kindness for the Coward.”

In this edition of “Stories from the Bunkhouse,” the three begin to discuss how Jimmy just so happened to be taking a shower butt naked, when all of a sudden Emily walks in.

This was the SECOND time a girl has walked in on Jimmy naked, the first being Mia.

The three then discuss how awkward the instance had to have been for Jimmy, but Jefferson White says it helps him gain more confidence down the road.

They then transition to Beth’s meltdown at the dinner table, and how Rip has to console her.

Ian Bohen (Ryan) says it was a defining moment for the two, and it really shows how they compliment each other very well in the relationship.

After a long competition between White and Bohen on deciding who can name the most forks (Which they REALLY have a hard time with), they begin to discuss the scene in the diner, and the death of the complex Sheriff Donnie Haskell.

White gave his opinion on the scene:

“As these other sort of big pieces move, there’s this sort of wheeling and dealing, there’s also along the way this violence, that feels like because they sort of live this life because they participate in this violence, everywhere they go they find it.

I’m so excited about this, and also sad because Hugh Dylan who plays sheriff Haskell, it’s been amazing to watch his journey. He’s been with us since the beginning, and every one of his scenes, and watching him and Kevin (John) work together, that’s like a master class.”

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