So You Want To Be A ‘Yellowstone’ Cowboy?

Yellowstone cowboys

We are finally in the double digits for the countdown to the Yellowstone Season 5 premiere.

If there is one thing the Duttons know how to do, it’s ranch. They know the ins and outs of owning a large-scale ranching operation running and thriving from investing in stud horses, working and moving cattle, and keeping all the animals safe and healthy.

Peacock released some of the best cowboying moments from past seasons, and it’s gold.

Like most viewers, there isn’t anything bad I have to say about the show; it depicts so realistically what goes into running an operation like this.

Maybe it’s the fact that I was an animal science major in college, but I love seeing industry professionals throughout the seasons. This YouTube video highlights the perfect clips about the ins and outs of cowboying.

From clips of teaching Carter respect, Jimmy out at 6666 Ranch roping in his off time to become a more well-rounded cowboy, to John talking to Tate about how tough this business is, the good and the bad are highlighted.

John explained it best to Tate during Season 3 when Tate commented, “I thought that ranching would be tougher.”

“This isn’t ranching, grandson,” John says. “This is the spoils of it.”

“What’s that mean?” Tate responded.

“Ranching’s a terrible business, grandson….we can’t control the price of beef or hay or the diesel it takes to take the cattle to the auction or the hay out to the cattle. There are federal regulations and state regulations, county regulations, and there are people in the city suing us, complaining about the way we raise the food they eat.”

“What else….blizzards and droughts….half the heard trying to kill itself in the river and the other half looking for a hole in the fence so they can go stand in the middle of the highway in the middle of the highway and get hit by a car.”

When Tate follows up by asking why they do it, John responds with, “it gives us one hell of a life.”

Yellowstone has shed light on the ways of ranching, but it’s hard work.

So, do you have what it takes to be a cowboy?

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