Twitter Goes Wild Trying To Pick A New Name For The University Of South Carolina Gamecocks’ Mascot

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This ain’t gonna end well…

For those who aren’t too familiar with the University of South Carolina, their mascot is the Gamecocks… Or ‘Cocks, if you will.

Needless to say, growing up a die hard Clemson fan my whole life and with South Carolina being the in-state rival, we always have something to make fun of them for, even if they beat us in football.

I mean c’mon, how can somebody say “GO COCKS” with a straight face?

As far as South Carolina football tradition goes, they have a live rooster as their mascot, dubbed Sir Big Spur, and he’s brought out for every home football game.

For as long as I can remember, the rooster’s name has been Sir Big Spur, but according to The State, the rooster has been sold to new owners, going from the hands of Mary Snelling and Ron Albertelli, to Beth and Van Clark.

Yeah, they’re disagreeing over the name, as well as if the rooster’s “comb” on its head should be trimmed or not.

The previous owners always trimmed the comb to make the rooster look more like a fighting Gamecock, while the new owners are wanting to cut it down a little, and with the ownership change, the name “Sir Big Spur” has expired.

With that being said, the new owners are trying to decipher what the new name will be, and I can imagine that the boomer Cock fans are pretty upset over this one.

And as you can imagine, this is the perfect opportunity for fans outside of South Carolina football to absolutely roast the hell out of the school.

The State listed their top 10 choices:


Cock Commander

Capt. Cluck

Cluck Norris

Mr. Chicken Scratch

Coop (Or Cooper)

Kickin’ Chicken


Marco Pollo


Not gonna lie, every single one of those names sound like something off a Nashville Hot Chicken menu.

I’m pretty partial to “Darius Clucker” though…

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