An Illinois High School Football Team Let The Moms Absolutely Truck Their Sons In “Mom’s Night Practice”

Mom football practice

Back in high school, the football team would always put on a “Mom’s Night.”

Of course, this would typically be just a nice meal to all of the football mothers, and sometimes the coaches would even let them participate in a few drills.

It’s a solid “Thank you” to all of the moms who take time out their day to put together and serve meals before their sons strap on their helmets and take the field on a Friday night.

However, I’m sure there’s a few moms out there on each team who wish they could do a little more than have a nice meal, or partake in team drills…

And this is the perfect resolution for those moms.

According to a Twitter post by CBS Sports, Washington High School in Washington, Illinois hosted a “Mom’s night practice” before they kickstarted their season.

I’m sure they went through a few of the team drills, getting a feel for what their sons do at practice. Except, this “Mom’s night practice” had a little twist to it…

They had the chance to strap on a helmet and some pads, and absolutely truck their sons, unleashing on all the times they got on their bad side.

This is actually genius. The mom gets to take out her frustrations on her son, and since she’s already taken out the anger, she’ll be happy once her son is back home.

It’s a win-win for everybody.

I’m actually pretty impressed with some of the tackling techniques here. They all hit low, keep their heads up, and no targeting penalties in sight.

And hell, some of them look like they just used the Madden ’05 truck stick on a few of the hits.

All of them get a pretty good lick on their sons except for the last son, who you can tell is probably one of the biggest kids on the team…

Yeah, his mom wasn’t bringing him down.

Nevertheless, this is absolutely hilarious.

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