As We (Im)patiently Wait For New Tyler Childers Music, Fill The Void With His Acoustic NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Tyler Childers country music

We all know and love Tyler Childers, and of course, we’re all dying to hear constant new music from our favorite artists.

But unfortunately, that sometimes… takes time.

So, while we wait, we have to fill the void with new performances of those songs we know and love.

One of my favorite YouTube series is NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert. It’s how I discovered so many of favorite artists like Sturgill Simpson, Hozier, and Jason Isbell.

But one of the best is Tyler Childers because his voice just absolutely shines in an any acoustic setting.

His concert is on the shorter end because he doesn’t introduce each song with any more than a few words, but I love it because he really lets the music shine.

The concert begins immediately with Childers singing “Nose on the Grindstone,” and if you haven’t heard this guy before, that very first note is going to draw you in.

The whole song is full of his signature rasp, and it’s so satisfying to listen to.

The second song is “22nd Winter,” and Childers jokes about the song being about the first time he was snowed in with his in-laws. But it’s “not a blues song, it’s a love song.”

Of course, he rounds out his three-song set with one of his most beloved songs “Lady May.”

“Lady May” is one of the greatest love songs of all time in my opinion, and I highly recommend that you watch Tyler Childers’s face as he sings it.

Every once in a while, his eyes will just close, and his usual more stoic expression will soften into an almost smile. It’s really sweet and heartwarming when you believe that the song was written for his wife.

I don’t know what else to say about this concert other than to take the nine minutes out of your day and just watch it, dude.

Tyler Childers has one of the most unique and captivating voices I’ve ever heard, and his storytelling and lyrics will pull you in and won’t let you go.

I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir, but man, every time I listen to a new performance, I’m reminded why he’s so incredible.

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