2 Year Old Girl Bites & Kills Snake After It Attacks Her

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Kids these days are a different breed.

We mostly hear that in a negative light, when an older person says this generation is soft and would never make it growing up in their world, but to that I present this story coming out of Turkey from a few days ago.

According to KakeNews, a 2 year old girl was playing by herself in Kantar, a village near Bingol in Eastern Turkey, when neighbors suddenly heard screams and came running, where they saw the girl fighting back, biting down on the 20 inch snake to defend herself from its attack.

Apparently, the snake had bit the girl’s mouth, and while neighbors quickly came to the girl’s rescue, the snake was already dead, killed by the 2 year old’s bite.

There’s no word on which type of snake it was, but a quick Google says the most popular non-venomous snakes in the area and Grass Snakes, Black Snakes, and Rat Snakes, so it’s possible it was one of these which attacked the girl.

She was trying to play with the snake when it struck but it’s unknown if this was a common behavior or a first time thing.

Either way, this girl is about to never look at a snake again or get some kind of super powers and start growing fangs of her own…

Can you imagine biting down on a snake until the life is squeezed out from it? Growing up, I was the kid people in my neighborhood would call to take Garter Snakes out of flowerbeds and from under porches, so I know first hand how tough it is to kill one of those buggers if you can’t safely move it to another place.

This girl is a confirmed badass, but I want some scientists studying her for the next, oh let’s say, 20 years, just to be sure she doesn’t pull some Spiderman transformation and turn into some super-powered snake humanoid…

Reminds me that I haven’t seen snakes on a plane in quite awhile… looks like I’ve got weekend plans now.

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