Hunter Takes Down Rare White Turkey Nicknamed Ghost In Tennessee

A bird standing in a grassy area

Yes, I know, there’s a great debate whether or not a fella should shoot an animal that is as rare as this one.

But, the way I see it is if it’s not deemed illegal by the state you’re hunting in, you have every legal right to harvest that animal. So, let’s put aside the differences and just appreciate how special a hunt like this is.

It’s the definition of a “once-in-a-lifetime” hunt.

It’s estimated that 1 in 100,000 turkeys are fully albino and white turkeys are a bit more common but not far off. For a bird that’s this hard to hunt, the odds of seeing one while hunting is even lower and the chances of getting a shot at one is even more slim.

These hunters set out to chase a wild turkey that was well known in their area as “The Ghost” due to its white feathers. A smart way to hunt an animal like this, increasing the odds by having numbers.

The hunters set up on a tree line and start their turkey calling. The Ghost comes into view and starts making its way towards the group.

As it gets in close another Tom comes out and you can truly appreciate the beauty of the white one. Its feathers are caulk white, with its head and beard normal colored. Simply amazing.

They decide he’s in range and take the shot. As the bird goes down the group absolutely looses their minds in excitement.

That folks, is what this is all about. The excitement of getting an animal that took a lot of hard work, making memories with friends and family that will last forever.

“You just killed a once-in-a-lifetime bird, dude”

Took the words right out of my mouth.

The hunters all stand around and talk about how awesome it is that they just accomplished what they wanted to. The appreciation for such a beautiful animal is great.

This is something a lot of hunters would pay the bucks to get a shot at.

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