UFC’s Bryce Mitchell Tells Insane Story About The Time He Choked Out A Deer After Missing With His Last Arrow

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Thug Nasty and The Rat King, two of the best to do it.

Bryce Mitchell is an up-and-coming UFC star, currently holding an undefeated professional record of 15-0 and the number 9 spot in the UFC Featherweight rankings. To go along with that, he’s got quite the personality, not afraid to speak his mind, get his hands dirty, and do whatever it takes to get, well honestly… anything done.

Of course, Theo Von is the hilarious comedian with a killer podcast called This Last Weekend and one hell of a mullet.

Combine the two of them and it’s sure to be a good time as proved by Bryce’s two appearances on Theo’s podcast over the past 2 years.

As with anything Theo Von, you never know where the conversation will end up, running the gambit from drill accidents (you can look that up, I don’t have the stomach to type it), to women, fighting, and so much more… it’s hard to keep track of.

But there was one story that really stood out and proves that Bryce isn’t your typical fighter…

He is proudly born and raised in Texarkana, Arkansas and absolutely lives and breathes for the state. He still works on his farm, wears overalls, and drives an old beat-up truck even with his newfound success in the octagon.

But sometimes, you have to bring a little bit of that MMA into the backwoods when things don’t go your way…

One day, Bryce was out hunting and called in a doe from his tree stand over the course of 3 hours. Luckily for Bryce is came straight up under the tree, laid down and went to sleep. But unluckily, he only had one crossbow bolt on him and even more unluckily when he shot that one bolt, he missed.

It deserves being said that Bryce doesn’t just go hunting to have some fun in the woods, he needs that deer, especially at the time, to feed himself and his family.

So what do you do when you’ve got mouths to feed, no ammo, a deer asleep under you and a deadly arsenal of martial arts skills?

You make it happen…

As Bryce puts it…

“I thought “Well, I’m gonna try some crazy shit.”

He describes the rest of the story like this.

“I start making my way down the deer stand, this is the definition of tip-toing bro… It was probably about 35 yards, 40 yards away, there’s a dead tree pointing at it so I walk the whole length of that dead tree… Real quiet, nothing could hear me… My adrenaline felt like a fight… She’s still sleepin’… 

It was a wet day, it had rained all day before… When it’s damp outside those leaves don’t crunch… I get up on the deer man, I didn’t make a noise, it was perfect conditions.  

I had my phone in my pocket. I straddle the deer and that’s when I text my coach. It’s still asleep and I’m texting… I texted him “HELP HELP and RUN” cause I didn’t want to explain to him “Hey I’m about to choke out a deer”… I want him thinking I’m about to die so he gets there as quickly as possible. 

Shit, I hopped on that deer, I couldn’t get my right hand in cause the way it was laying… So I choked it with my weaker arm. Put my left arm on it, wrapped my ankles did the standard little ankle lock… and squeezed the ever-loving shit out of it. Squeezed it for about 5 minutes until my coach got there. 

The thing was kicking so hard that I thought it was alive when he got there and I thought it was going to get away, it was convulsing and twitching, I couldn’t control it’s back legs at all… So coach comes over… he says “What do you want me to do?” and I say “Stab it, stab it!”… but when I let go that deer was dead… It made like a moan… that was it’s last bit of air coming out of it’s lungs.”

I mean… holy shit…

Can you imagine sneaking up on a deer and grabbing its neck until it dies? Some folks are just cut from a different cloth… although, not to sure where the ethics of choking out a deer lie. I mean, you want a quick, clean kill, right? It’s definitely not quick, but also not a slow painful bleed out from a bad shot… I don’t know, I’m overthinking it.

But I’ve been a fan of Thug Nasty for a little bit now and honestly can’t wait to see him back in that cage.

Listen to him tell the whole story here.

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