Kayaker Gets Chased Down By Grizzly Bear While Guiding Rafters Down A River

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Well, that’s probably the last thing you want chasing you down a river…

And kayakers can be some pretty rad people.

Hopping in a small boat, ripping through freezing cold glacier waterways, traversing through big rapids… that’s some pretty crazy stuff on its own. And guiding a buncha newbies through it isn’t an easy job either.

Then throw in a grizzly bear.

An animal that can weigh north of 1,500-pounds and run up to 35 miles an hour, is not one you want chasing you down. They also have no trouble chasing things through water, it’s just what they do.

These things are strong hunters and try to use environmental factors like water to their advantage. They’ll chase an elk or a deer into a body of water and then as soon as the antlered beast thinks it’s safe, it’s not. That bear is hot on its tail, with better endurance, and it’s only a matter of time before it drags it down right there in the water.

So no matter the situation, you never wanna see one chasing you, but especially, when you’re in a kayak… an easily flippable boat with freezing cold water rushing under you.

A group of white-water river rafters were sailing down a river in B.C., Canada when they noticed a grizzly bear charging out into the river. The bear heads straight for a singular kayaker that’s heading down river.

The group of rafts all slows up so they don’t approach in on the bear as they watch the crazy situation unfold. The bear rushes through the water but the kayaker notices and tries to get away quickly.

As soon as the kayaker notices they head straight downriver and quickly make some ground on the bear.

Talk about a wild day on the water, and a pretty good rafting trip too.

You can’t pay to see something this wild.

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