Angry Horse Brutally Ragdolls A Poor Sheep

A horse running through a field

Can’t say I’ve ever seen something like this before.

I’ll admit, I’ve seen a number of videos of bears mauling elk calves alive, and plenty of videos of bison goring people at Yellowstone National Park, but as far as a horse just rag dolling a sheep in this gruesome of a fashion?

Yeah, that’s a first no doubt…

In this viral footage, you can see a horse going absolutely apesh*t on a defenseless sheep, who appears to have been dead prior to the horse tossing it around. Prey animals by nature, horse attacks are very rare, but in defense of a foal, or perhaps just an extreme act of aggression, it can happen.

A comment mentioned that the sheep was killed prior to the attack, so not sure what could’ve really caused this kind of reaction.

We’ve seen the viral video of the horse stomping the hell out of an alligator, and this one is quite similar in the way there is just no calming this horse down. Throwing it up in the air multiple times, and slamming it into the ground like there’s no tomorrow… the poor sheep completely lifeless.

Not to mention, once the sheep hits the ground, the horse proceeds to stomp it multiple times as well.

It’s pretty strange to see a horse react to a sheep like this, considering the two are typically able to live with each other pretty peacefully on countless farms across the world.

Nevertheless, this video is further proof of the unpredictability of nature, and the result of when a much larger creature is approached by a much smaller one in the wrong way.

I mean, horses are big, strong, fast, incredibly smart… the only thing stopping them from taking over the animal kingdom is that they aren’t blood thirsty carnivores… hopefully this isn’t the start.

WARNING: Graphic footage.

Trail Cam Captures Grizzly Bear Chasing Wild Horses

Grizzly bears are just out of this world.

They always seem to be up to something and I’m always going to be here for it. It doesn’t matter if it’s an encounter, a cellphone video or something caught on a trail camera, I will always be willing to watch and admire them.

Western Canada is home to some of the largest grizzly populations in North America aside from Alaska, of course. These animals need to consume a lot of food. Due to that fact there are some cool videos floating around of them chasing prey.

It doesn’t matter if it’s moose, elk or mountain goats, grizzlies seem to have a taste for it.

In this case, which is a first for me seeing, wild horses are on the menu, too.

An animal that needs to consume 30-pounds of food a day needs to catch a big animal every once in a while, I guess.

Here in Alberta, a series of trail cameras where set up to monitor this wild horse population. Trail cameras are a great survey tool as it minimizes humans in the area making it more likely to catch things going on in the area.

The first shot from the cameras shows a whole group of wild horse running at top speed. Soon you realize its for a good reason with a grizzly right on their tails.

It switches views to a different camera and the grizzly is even closer, and I can’t help but feel like this didn’t end well for one of the horses. Especially the young one…

The people who caught it on video released a statement on the event.

“A grizzly bear with two cubs is seen chasing a band of Alberta wild horses. This event occurred in central Alberta, Canada, approximately two hours northwest of Calgary. 

These trail cameras are part of a large network of cameras collecting video data on the plight and mortality of Alberta’s wild horses, from both natural causes and large predators.

Help Alberta Wildies Society, has been conducting this research since 2014, and uses the data to promote worldwide awareness about our threatened population of wild horses here in Alberta, Canada”

They’re trying to collect data on the mortality of wild horses? I dare say this can be added to their data base…

A mother grizzly that’s motivated to feed her young and herself is not one I would want chasing me.


Grizzly Bear Defends Her Cubs Against Coyote

The best way to feel the full wrath of a mama grizzly bear is to mess with one of her cubs. Nothing in nature is more ferocious than a mother grizzly bear protecting her cubs.

That rule applies to human moms, too, as best exemplified by the California woman who recently fended off a mountain lion with her bare hands to save her 5-year son.

That lesson was recently on display in some incredible video footage that shows a curious coyote approach a bear cub that was seemingly feeding on the side of a mountain by itself.

The coyote gets a bit too close for comfort and ultimately startles the unsuspecting bear cub.

As the startled bear cub reacts to the presence of the coyote, it becomes clear that the bear cub isn’t alone at all.

Momma bear had a close eye on the cub all along, and before the coyote knows what’s going on, an agitated mama bear comes flying down the mountain, huffing, and puffing like a freight train.

The mother bear collides with the fleeing bear cub, giving the coyote a chance to escape the scene. If that run-in didn’t slow down the mother grizzly, it might have been lights out for the coyote.

Just imagine being in that coyote’s shoes.

I can’t think of anything more terrifying than being charged by a grizzly bear.. But, with bear attacks on the rise in North America, keeping your wits about you in bear country and being prepared with either bear spray or a pistol could prevent you from getting steamrolled by a charging grizzly like the one in this video.

“Here comes mama bear…”

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