RANKED: Top 25 Whiskey Myers Songs Ahead Of The Release Of Their New Album, ‘Tornillo’

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Khris Poage

Whiskey Myers week rolls on…

Whiskey Myers’ long awaited upcoming album Tornillo is set to hit streaming platforms this Friday, and if the singles that have already been released are any indication, we’re in for something special.

It’s been close to three years since WM put out their self-titled project Whiskey Myers in 2019. In typical WM fashion, the most recent album featured a diverse collection of tunes ranging from country to full blown rock and roll, highlighted by songs like “Bury My Bones,” “Gasoline,” and “Rolling Stone,” and “Die Rockin” that have all received tens of millions of streams over the last few years.

Back in February, the East Texas rockers announced their next record Tornillo and dropped “John Wayne” as the lead single. Over the next few months, they released singles “Antioch,” “Whole World Gone Crazy,” and “The Wolf,” and now that we are just days away from having access to the full project, anticipation is at an all time high.

If you’re anything like me, and you’re a big Whiskey Myers fan, I’m sure you’ve found yourself throwing even more of their music in the rotation recently as the Tornillo release date nears. As the anticipation strengthens, I thought it’d be a good idea to dive back into WM’s deep catalog and rank my 25 favorite tunes prior to Tornillo.

Now, before people start freaking out about the omission of their favorite song or the order of the ones I’ve listed, it’s important to note that these guys don’t have a single bad song in the entire catalog, and on any given day, especially past the top five, this look could look completely different.

This is just what I’m feeling right now.

Without further ado…

25. “Rolling Stone” – Whiskey Myers (2019)

24. “Home” – Early Morning Shakes (2014)

23. “Different Mold” – Firewater (2011)

22. “Some of Your Love” – Mud (2016)

21. “Gasoline” – Whiskey Myers (2019)

20. “Ballad of a Southern Man” – Firewater (2011)

I know it’s their most popular song, and I understand why. But in a collection of music this great, “Ballad of a Southern Man” just doesn’t seem comparatively all that great to me.

19. “On the River” – Mud (2016)

18. “Bar Guitar and a Honky Tonk Crowd” – Firewater (2011)

17. “Houston County Sky” – Whiskey Myers (2019)

16. “Deep Down in the South” – Mud (2016)

15. “Colloquy” – Early Morning Shakes (2014)

14. “Die Rockin” – Whiskey Myers (2019)

13. “Early Morning Shakes” – Early Morning Shakes (2014)

12. “Guitar Picker” – Firewater (2011)

11. “Bitch” – Whiskey Myers (2019)

10. “Calm Before the Storm” – Firewater (2011)

9. “Lonely East TX Nights” (2008)

8. “Reckoning” – Early Morning Shakes (2014)

7. “Dogwood” – Early Morning Shakes (2014)

6. “Bury My Bones” – Whiskey Myers (2019)

5. “Frogman” – Mud (2016)

4. “Virginia” – Firewater (2011)

3. “Trailer We Call Home” – Mud (2016)

2. “Stone” – Mud (2016)

1. “Broken Window Serenade” – Firewater (2011)

The best song off of one of the best albums in country music. “Broken Window Serenade” is the best Whiskey Myers tune to date.

Honorable Mention – The rest of ‘em.

Whiskey Myers don’t miss…

Tornillo is out this Friday, get ready.

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