Woman Sues “Bad Date” For $10K Over Emotional Distress, Gets Into Heated Argument With Judge: “Do Not Insult My Intelligence”

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Be careful who you ask out on a date…

Because if your counterpart wasn’t satisfied, they might mess around and try to sue you for a boat load of money.

This is exactly what happened to Richard Jordan, who was sued by QaShontae Short for $10,000 over a “bad date” in Flint, Michigan, according to TMZ.

I can already feel the pain for the judge, Herman Marable Jr.

You already know the man has to put up with bullsh*t every time he puts on that robe, and now he has to put up with some nonsense like this.

Apparently, Jordan was being sued for causing “intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

Legal documents state that Short first filed suit back in 2020, while also stating Richard intentionally “hurt her” by not showing up to their date, which was on her mother’s birthday, and her mother had recently passed away.

In the video, you can see that Jordan doesn’t want to be there at all (who would want to?), and says it’s a waste of the court’s time. Who can blame the guy, he’s getting sued a pretty penny because a woman is upset.

Next thing you know, things go south real quick as Short and Judge Marable get into a heated argument, with Jordan just smiling and pumping his fist in the background.

She tells the judge:

“Please do not insult my intelligence. Do not do that. Do not insult my intelligence as if I do not understand what the word perjury means.

Do not! If it’s a criminal offense then it’s a criminal offense.”

Marable pretty much tells her she’s wasting her time, and it needs to be handled in a circuit court, and orders it to get moved.

So, now Jordan and Short are gonna have to do this all over, AGAIN.

This seems like something that should be handled on Judge Judy or something, because it doesn’t even feel like real life.

Pure insanity.

Check out the highlights here:

Here’s the full conversation:

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