Miami Dolphins QB Teddy Bridgewater Says Football Players Need To Stop Being “Gangsta” And Start Being Role Models

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If you’re pretty familiar with the NFL, then you probably know that current Miami Dolphins quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is one of the good guys of football. He’s bounced around a few teams during his relatively short career, but has always been a solid locker room guy.

The former Louisville star has faced quite a bit of adversity in his eight-year NFL career, as it seems like every time he starts to put together a really good season, it quickly gets derailed by injuries. After a Pro-Bowl sophomore season in 2015, a knee injury sidelined Teddy for the next two years, and then went to being a back up, then a starter, and now, back to being a backup for Miami.

Nevertheless, the 29-year-old has kept a great attitude through it all as he continues to pursue a career in the NFL.

He also is known for working with youth back in his hometown of Miami, Florida.

With that being said, he’s never been a super outspoken guy compared to a lot of players in the league, but there’s one issue with fellow NFL athletes he’s getting sick and tired of.

According to TMZ, Bridgewater released a lengthy message about how he wants NFL athletes to stop acting “gangsta,” and start acting like role models.

He said:

“Tired of seeing football players portray this tough guy image or pretend he’s gangsta. You went to school, attended those classes, and some even got their college degree.

So, don’t wait until you inherit this legal money from the league to decide you want to be tough or portray a ‘street image’ cause it’s kids that’s looking up to everything we do.”

He also admits that there are a few in the NFL who are actually street tough, but says “98.5% are only football tough.”

He added:

“Look at me. I’m far from perfect, but I chose the ball route but I still can go to the hood and post up and it’s all love.

My people accept me for making all the right decisions and not falling victim or being tricked by the false image you see on IG from a lot of ball players.”

Other stars like Dalvin Cook, Stefon Diggs, DeSean Jackson, Ha-Ha Clinton Dix, Allen Hurns, Bilal Powell, Micah Parsons and more, all responded in agreement to Bridgewater’s post.


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