Luke Bryan Stops Concert To Break Up Fight In Ohio: “Chill Out, Find A Joint Or Something… Smoke A Joint”

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How in the world does somebody even get into a fight at a Luke Bryan concert?

Because they’re miserable? I kid, I kid…

While performing in Youngstown, Ohio at Wean Park over the weekend, Luke stopped in the middle of performing his song “Buy Dirt” to call out some people in the audience who appeared to be in a fight.

He walked over to where the scuffle was happening, telling them they needed to get their act together because this was not a rock concert, but a family friendly country show, also adding that he saw somebody “got the shit knocked out of them”:

“I mean, why the hell were y’all fighting during ‘Buy Dirt,’ this isn’t Limp Bizkit or nothing or freaking Gwar. Somebody got the shit knocked out of them. I saw it.”

He offered a peaceful solution, as well, saying they needed to calm the hell down and smoke something if they were so worked up that they needed to fight in the middle of his show:

“Chill out, find a joint or something, smoke a joint. I know y’all got that shit.”

And it just so happened that this particular show was the night before his 46th birthday, so he was purely looking for a good time before hilariously calling them “damn crazy ass buckeyes” as he sat down at the piano for a rendition of “Strip It Down”:

“Dude, man, bro, Dude, did you see those people upset bro? It’s my birthday night, no fighting on my birthday! Damn crazy ass buckeyes, I get it.”

Check out some of the videos of the fiasco:


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Another angle:


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You can say what you want about Luke and his music, and while it’s not necessarily my personal taste, he’s got a great sense of humor and handled that like a pro.

Luke’s also had some other pretty noteworthy moments at his shows over the last several weeks, as he busted his ass at Coastal Credit Union Music Pavilion in Raleigh, North Carolina trying to dance around the stage to “Country Girl (Shake It For Me).”

Luke Bryan Takes A Tumble

Say what you want about ol’ Luke Bryan… he gives his fans a show.

He’s been one of the biggest things in country music for the better part of the past decade, he’s been a a judge on American Idol, and he’s still packing arenas across the country.

And whether you like his music or not, you kind of have to appreciate how Luke Bryan doesn’t take himself too seriously.

I mean, the man is nearly pushing 50 years old (he’s 45 now), and he’s still out there shaking his ass like he was when he was 25 (although, admittedly in looser jeans).

At this point, he almost reminds you of a goofy dad when dad starts having a few too many drinks. He starts singing, dancing his ass off, and while he’s sorta making a fool of himself, he’s still have a great time… and everybody around him is too.

I haven’t been to a Luke Bryan show in quite a few years, but that’s kinda vibe I get these days.

Anyways, Luke was up to his old tricks last night at Coastal Credit Union Music Pavilion in Raleigh, North Carolina, when he got to whipping out those signature dance moves.

Laughing at himself the entire time, he was doing his best (or maybe worst) Justin Timberlake during “Country Girl (Shake It For Me), right before he fell on his ass.

He rolled his ankle in his boot and folded like a cheap lawn chair.

That being said, he really didn’t miss a beat…

I mean, you do you Luke… all I gotta say is that I don’t think George Strait ever fell on his ass dancing around the stage like that.

Little harder to get up these days, eh?

Luke’s new single is titled, “Country On”

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