Florida Man Tries To Flee Cops On His John Deere Mower… Gets Tracked Down And Tazed

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There are some scenarios where using a lawn mower to get from point A to point B make sense.

For example, when George Jones using his lawn mower to drive to the liquor store after his wife Shirley Corley hid his keys from him (he did it again while moarried to Tammy Wynette), and Bobby Boucher from The Waterboy driving his to make it to the football stadium so he can feed his teammates high quality H20, and break some skulls while he’s at it.

However, I do not, and WILL not ever understand how a human with a functional brain believes that a lawn mower is a good escape vehicle.

I mean c’mon, these babies go five miles per hour tops, and you couldn’t outrun your grandma in that thing.

Nevertheless, that’s why we have morons in this world, and even better, Florida morons, to keep us all entertained on a Monday.

Take it from this guy, Dusty Mobley, a 40-year-old out of Okaloosa County, Florida.

According to the New York Post, Mobley has been wanted since January, after he was suspected of cutting through a fence and stealing a $40,000 boat. However, he eluded the police by jumping into a swamp.

Police said in a statement after his escape:

“Mobley was on the boat when deputies arrived at the scene, but dove off the side and disappeared into the swamp to avoid going to jail.”

Once law enforcement finally spotted the man on his John Deere recently, he decided to make a split second decision…

Use the Deere as a getaway vehicle.

Of course, law enforcement was able to chase him down on foot, tazed him, and put him under arrest, and Mobley’s incredible escape plan failed miserably.

Now, Mobley faces charges like grand theft, resisting an officer, drug raps, and possession of a concealed weapon by a felon.

Tough luck my guy.

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