Massive Bison Stampede Halts Traffic At Yellowstone National Park

I could watch videos like this for hours.

I’ll admit, Yellowstone the show has peaked my interest in Yellowstone the National Park.

Sure, it has its natural beauty and Old Faithful, but I’m more concerned with the wildlife. Grizzly bears, elk, wolves, moose and of course bison can all be found roaming the park and you’re always guaranteed to see something cool, if you know where to look.

And sometimes, you don’t even have to look. You can just be driving down the road…

A few years back, park visitors happened to be driving down the Lamar Valley Bridge when an incredible bison stampede came racing across the field and down the road.

An incredible and yet, kind of frightening scene to witness… the herd just seems to go on forever.

Unfortunately, Yellowstone is underwater right now so your next visit might have to wait, but definitely make a point to get out there as soon as you can.

If you love wildlife, it’s just a magical place.

Bison Herd Protect Calf From Pack Of  Wolves

Another day, another episode of cool shit at Yellowstone.

Captured by Yellowstone guide, wolf tracker, and photographer Michelle Holihan, this awesome footage features the Junction Butte Pack trying to take down a bison calf.

Only problem is, mama and papa bison had other ideas.

“We had an exciting morning of wolf watching in Yellowstone today as several members of the Junction Butte Pack tried to take down a bison calf.

After the adults ran them off they gave up the chase and went back to the rest of the pack.”

Watching wolves hunt might be one of the coolest wildlife experiences you can encounter, and Yellowstone might be the best place to do it.

So methodical, so organized… sure they rely on speed and power, but they also rely on executing the perfect attack plan. Unfortunately for these two wolves, they were outmanned and undersized against the defenses of the herd.

The best defense is a good offense? Not in Yellowstone it’s not…

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