Mountain Lion Casually Strolls Into California High School

mountain lion school

Imagine sitting in class and seeing a mountain lion walk by the door…

Yup, that’s about as crazy as it gets.

Mountain lions are a fierce kitty of the woods, pure predators and about as elusive as any wildlife come. It’s actually quite rare to even see one in the wild, let alone in your neighborhood.

So, hearing one wandered into Pescadero High School, just west of San Jose, California, naturally a person needs to read into the situation.

The old saying goes, “if you see one, it’s to late,” referring to their ability to stalk predators and take them out before most even realize they are being followed.

It’s a good thing this wasn’t the case here, and that classes hadn’t started yet, as an average mountain lion could make quick work of any average high cchool student.

CBS News says this cat was just a cub and it wandered into the school in the morning. The janitor quickly spotted it and was able to isolate it inside of an English classroom. There was no one in the classroom and it was eventually removed without incident, so unfortunately, that’s about as cool as this story gets…

However, they were able to snap a couple pictures of the big cat having a lay under one of the teacher’s desks.

Even the La Honda-Pescadero Unified School District superintendent, Amy Wooliever, thought it was a senior prank:

“We have had occasions where a mountain lion has walked by the elementary school along the ridge and such, so we are used to that out here.

But having one in a classroom, I honestly thought it was a senior prank at first because it’s the day before school is out.”

Wildlife authorities will relocate it to a much safer location.

Insert joke about high school kids cougar hunting…

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