Big Ol’ Buck Nicknamed “Perfect 10” Fends Off Wily Coyote Attack In The Dark

Nature is crazy…

I mean, it doesn’t really make sense that a dog weighing 20-40 pounds on average would team up with a few other dogs and attack a creature weighing over 200-pounds. It just seems crazy to me.

But it happens… quite often.

For me, it’s cool to watch videos of nature doing what nature does until it affects something I love… big ol’ bucks.

So naturally, when I see coyotes going after a big ol’ buck I get angry.

I can’t help it. I want the chance at multiple large deer each season and damn if some wily coyotes are gonna get the better of an animal like this. I love small game hunting too, but it doesn’t bother me a bit when they getting eaten up by these predators.

This is why coyote hunting is so popular among deer hunters. It is not because they love sitting and waiting for a coyote. Don’t get me wrong it is a blast, but, it’s definitely not deer hunting, and it’s definitely not putting any food on your plate.

This video shows us all why we chase these dogs throughout the offseason of deer hunting.

A beautiful 10-point buck shows up on this trail camera at night. Nicknamed “Perfect 10,” you can tell something is up as the buck sniffs through the air.

It switches to the buck in full on fighting mode with a coyote pictured as well. Another coyote runs behind the buck and it switches its attention to that. It chases one off with his antlers down ready to attack.

The buck is then spotted on another trail camera seemingly okay. There’s a reason big bucks got big and its simply because they know how to survive.

If this doesn’t make you want to coyote hunt though, I don’t know what will.

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