Kid Rock Stands By Viral Rant Attacking Oprah And Joy Behar: “A Drunk Man’s Words Are A Sober Man’s Thoughts”

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Kid Rock ain’t backing down.

Not that anybody who knows anything about him really expected him to, but during an interview with Tucker Carlson, Kid Rock stood by his 2019 rant that took aim at Oprah and Joy Behar.

If you need a refresher, back a couple of years ago Kid Rock took the stage at his own bar in downtown Nashville and unleashed a drunken rant that quickly went viral:

“I’m not a bad guy. I’m just an honest guy that says, “Hey, I don’t like Oprah Winfrey or Joy Behar. They can suck dick sideways.” Sorry mom. The “Hey, you’re fuckin’ racist,” I’m like, “You’re fuckin’ weird.”

And, “You call your people, I’ll call mine.” Like, what? This is fuckin’ weird, right? Fuck Oprah Winfrey, fuck Kathie Gifford. I’m 48 and I’m the guy that you want to be like, “Hey, I want Kid Rock on my side.”

I’m not the bad guy in the equation. I’m the fuckin’ guy you want, like, “Hey, he’s pretty cool.” Oprah Winfrey is like, “Hey, I’m gonna get some white women to believe in this shit.” Fuck her. She can suck dick sideways.

And if you say that, you’re like, “Hey, well, pretty sure Kid Rock’s a racist.” I’m like, OK, fine. Fuck off. Sideways.”

And after video of the rant went viral, Kid Rock posted a statement on his Facebook saying that he has a big mouth and drinks too much sometimes, but doubling down on his attacks on Oprah and Joy Behar:

“My people tried to get me to do The Oprah Winfrey show years ago and her people wanted me to write down 5 reasons why I loved her and her show, I said fuck that and her. End of story.

I am just saying what a lot of people think. Not saying I should be, but sometimes I just do. Oh well. I have a big mouth and drink too much sometimes, shocker! I also work hard and do a ton to help others out but that’s just back page news because the press hates I love Trump, fuck them too. I am what I am, I ain’t what I ain’t!

PS And you haters and internet trolls can check my touring numbers and shut your ignorant asses up! Boom!

PSS I did not get removed from MY OWN BAR (fake news) if anything I was leaving and the cops were helping me out…Hey, at least I don’t drink and drive!

PSSS. Was it racist when I said “Fuck Joy Behar”??? and by the way… I love Kathy Lee Gifford.”

So how does Rock feel about his rant two years later?

He’s standing by it.

During the interview with Tucker Carlson, Kid Rock was asked about the viral moment:

“A drunk man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts, I own what I said.”

And he’s not offering anybody an apology either:

“I don’t apologize to anybody. I’m not an Oprah Winfrey fan. I got drunk and fuckin’ next thing, I’m on stage [saying] fuck Oprah…”   

Although it does sound like he regrets going after one of the people he called out:

“I was trying to go after Kathy Griffin you know, for holding up Trump’s head, but I’m so out of it I’m like ‘fuck Kathie Lee Gifford.’

When it comes back on TMZ or whatever a few weeks later I’m like ‘oh man, I like Kathie Lee Gifford.’ We’ve been kind of friendly throughout the years.”

Classic Kid Rock.

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