Sunny Sweeney & Paul Cauthen Team Up For Emotional New Single, “A Song Can’t Fix Everything”

Talk about cutting deep.

Mainstream country music tends to put a façade on the world and make it look like everything is all sunshine and rainbows, even though true country music is about pure honesty and great storytelling.

With that being said, Sunny Sweeney and Paul Cauthen took a unique approach with their new single, “A Song Can’t Fix Everything.”

In the song, Sweeney and Cauthen cut to the cold hard truth, as they sing about how a song can’t fix the hurt they’ve faced at times throughout their lives.

However, the song transitions to a different point of view, as even though a song can’t make the pain go away, it’s just enough to take their mind off of a tough situation for a brief amount of time.

Co-written by Lori McKenna and Sweeney, she weighed in on the purpose behind the song:

“I was stepping into the elevator at my hotel as we were leaving Chicago after a great run, and this title popped into my head.

Despite the fact that music is so special to me, and always has been, and can lift me up and bring me out of a funk, I was having a shitty day. I only wanted to stay in bed and listen to Tom Petty.

It’s about just trying to find those three minutes of happiness you get relating to something and taking yourself out of your everyday life.

Letting yourself slip away, it can feel like it’s going to be ok, even if, ultimately, it may not be.

You can see the conflicted perspectives perfectly in the lyrics, from the opening lines to the end:

“That song can’t bring my mother back to life
But for three minutes, it’s like she’s sitting in the living room
That song can’t bring me back to high school
But I can feel the bleachers underneath the small town moon…”

The new single can bring a sense of relatability to anyone who listens.

Also, it’s pretty cool to see a different side of Cauthen. We all know him for his funky, sometimes funny songs and his soulful voice, but this song further proves his versatility as a country artist.

Sweeney also has a new album in the works, as she announced Married Alone, which is slated to drop September 23rd. Cauthen and Beau Bedford co-produced the record.

Cauthen weighed in on the opportunity to produce the record:

“Sunny Sweeney has a lot to say, I knew that from the beginning. The opportunity (to produce) arose from heaven’s gates. I believe truth and honesty outweighs any sex or genre.

This is undeniable…don’t put it in a box and if you do, the box is Sunny’s. Listen to what is real.”

Check it out:

You can check out the full track-list for Married Alone below:

Married Alone:

1. Tie Me Up (Sunny Sweeney/Buddy Owens/Galen Griffin)

2. Easy As Hello (Sunny Sweeney/Lori McKenna/Heather Morgan)

3. Married Alone ft. Vince Gill (Hannah Blaylock/Josh Morningstar/Autumn McEntire)

4. Someday You’ll Call My Name (Sunny Sweeney/Brennen Leigh)

5. How’d I End Up Lonely Again (Sunny Sweeney/Channing Wilson/Josh Morningstar)

6. A Song Can’t Fix Everything ft. Paul Cauthen (Sunny Sweeney/Lori McKenna)

7. Want You To Miss Me (Sunny Sweeney/Caitlyn Smith)

8. Wasting One On You (Sunny Sweeney/Buddy Owens/Monty Holmes)

9. Fool Like Me (Waylon Payne/Kendell Marvel)

10. All I Don’t Need (Sunny Sweeney/Lori McKenna)

11. Leaving Is My Middle Name (Sunny Sweeney/ Buddy Owens/Galen Griffin/Scotch Taylor)

12. Still Here (Sunny Sweeney/Lori McKenna)

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