Religious Karen Going Apesh*t On Meijer Customers Is Going Viral Again: “I’m Trying To Help You, Motherf*cker”

We’ve seen all kinds of Karens over the years, and not gonna lie, I feel like they’ve multiplied by the thousands since the COVID pandemic.

I feel like it’s become an everyday thing to walk out into a public place, and see some woman going bonkers because somebody didn’t say “hello” to her the right way.

Although there’s a plethora of Karens out there, there may not be one worse than the religious Karen…

Or a psychopathic religious Karen, if you will.

I discovered this video from a couple years back of a woman raising absolute hell (pretty ironic) in a Warren, Michigan Meijer, telling a fellow shopper that he must accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior, or he will burn in Hell for all of eternity.

She has quite the reputation around town, going off on similar rants against a garbage man, in a McDonald’s and more, but today, the Meijer video is going viral again.

Perhaps the funniest part of the entire thing is the way the woman goes about, cussing him into oblivion, calling him a “MOTHA FUCKA” about a hundred times. And then when one of the employees asks what’s going on, she casually replies:

“I’m pissed because he won’t repent.”

Oh, okay…

Just full throttle, seven ways to Sunday.

She continues to the employee:

“I don’t give a fuck because he’s gonna burn in hell… and you are too, bitch. If you don’t have Jesus Christ as your savior, you’re gonna be down there with him.”

I don’t think the Good Lord is a big fan of that kinda language, Karen.

After a Meijer worker tries to confront her about her ridiculous actions, she loses any bit of sanity she had left, and begins to run up and down the store screaming at several customers.

Not gonna lie, for a woman who’s trying to “share the gospel,” she sure does sound like she has a demon inside of her.

Clearly, there is some kind of mental health issue at hand here, but good God, is this something else. I mean, this might be the most aggressive evangelism I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

To play off the ol’ Waylon Jennings song… I don’t think Jesus done it this way (yeah, I know Morgan Wallen has a song with this title).

And while it’s easy to laugh at people going off in the grocery store, especially religious folks who come off extremely unhinged, hopefully she can get the help that she needs.

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