Charles Wesley Godwin Shares Killer Acoustic Cover Of Zach Bryan’s Haunting “Crooked Teeth”

One of the absolute best in country music right now covering a murder ballad from another one of the hottest names in the business?

You have my attention.

Charles Wesley Godwin and Zach Bryan have struck up quite the friendship since Charles went out on the road opening for Zach last year.

During an appearance on our Whiskey Riff Raff podcast, Charles compared the meteoric rise of Zach Bryan to the Beatles coming to America:

“My dad has told me throughout my life about what it was like when The Beatles came to America. And, just the die hard fandom that they had.

I’m here to say, and I’ll die on this mountain, I think Zach Bryan… like the energy that his fans have for him… it’s gotta be like some modern day version of that.

The whole thing is crazy. It’s his first tour ever, and he’s selling out rooms all across the country, every single one between 1,500 and 5,000 seaters. Ya know, his first tour. And everybody in the crowd knows every single word… I’ve never seen anything like it.

When he steps out, and him and his guys go on stage and they’re about to start their show, you feel like you need hearing protection. Like, it is electric. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

And the respect is definitely mutual, with Zach saying about Charles that “we’re all witnessing something really beautiful in music.”

I mean, he ain’t wrong.

Well now Charles is finally giving us the crossover we all wanted, sharing an acoustic cover of Zach’s “Crooked Teeth,” the dark murder ballad about beating a lover’s new man to death (well, at least we think he died) and dumping him in the river.

The song perfectly suits Charles’ rich, haunting voice, and the acoustic versions of all of the great songs that he’s been releasing lately are second to none.

I love all of his original stuff, but I wouldn’t mind hearing a few acoustic covers from Charles either. Can I request “Something in the Orange” next?

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