Hannah Dasher Takes It Back To Simpler Times With New Single “1990’s Heartbreak”

The ’90s were just simpler times.

Back when everybody hung out at the mall on weekends, we weren’t all glued to our cell phones (because nobody had them, and if you did it was probably mounted in your car) and names like Alan Jackson, Travis Tritt and Trisha Yearwood were dominating country music.

And even breakups were simpler back then.

In her new song “1990’s Heartbreak,” Hannah Dasher remembers the simpler times, back when you didn’t have to see pictures of your ex every time you opened up social media, and you couldn’t just pick up your phone and send fire off an ill-advised text to your ex after a few drinks.

“If this was a 1990’s heartbreak
I’d be up in my room
Workin’ on a mixtape
Walkin’ the floor with my Walkman thinkin’ ’bout
How you walked away
If this was a 1990’s heartbreak
I wouldn’t have to see you out there with your next mistake
Talking one landline
No cell phones
When being alone was really being alone”

Of course it’s got that classic sound that you would expect from somebody like Trisha, or Jo Dee Messina, or any of the leading ladies of ’90s country. But like all of Hannah’s music, the masterful lyrics suck you right in because they’re so damn relatable. I mean, who hasn’t sent a drunk text or two that they regret?

Written by Hannah along with Neil Mason of The Cadillac Three, “1990’s Heartbreak” follows the release of Hannah’s major-label debut EP The Half Record last year, and presumably this is one that we’ll be hearing on her upcoming (though as of yet unannounced) “whole record.”

And Hannah has plenty of great unreleased songs ready for when the time comes to finally drop her full album, like the hilarious “I’m Gonna Whoop Your Redneck Ass” or one of my personal favorites (and a song that should be a massive hit if songwriting still matters in country music), “Ugly Houses.”

I’ve said before that Hannah Dasher reminds me of a guy like Chris Stapleton, somebody who seemingly blew up overnight, but in reality everybody in Nashville had known for years just how damn good he was.

Well Hannah may not have blown up like Chris Stapleton yet, but I have a feeling it’s coming – because everybody in Nashville knows her, and everybody knows how damn good she is.

There’s still no release date for her album yet, so we’ll still have to wait a little longer to get a full album from Hannah. But for now, at least we’re getting some new music, along with a reminder of how much better things were back in the ’90s – even breakups.

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