Heath Sanders Covers The Hell Out Of Charlie Daniels’ “Simple Man” In New Garage Sessions Video

God bless the late, great Charlie Daniels.

It’s been almost two years since we lost Charlie back in the summer of 2020, but his music’s still as relevant as ever – especially his commentary on the madness of the world in “Simple Man.”

“I ain’t nothin’ but a simple man
They call me a redneck, I reckon that I am
But there’s things goin’ on that make me mad down to the core
I have to work like a dog to make ends meet
There’s crooked politicians and crime in the street
And I’m madder than hell, and I ain’t a-gonna take it no more”

I mean, tell me those words aren’t just as relevant today as they were back in 1989 when the song was first released. Hell, they may be even more true today.

Well Heath Sanders just posted the latest in his “Garage Sessions” series of acoustic videos, and in this one he covers what he calls one of his favorite Charlie Daniels songs.

And like just about everything else he does, Heath sang the absolute hell out of it.

That’s the good stuff.

Heath Sanders Releases Video For Steamy Viral Hit “Some Other Kind Of Love”

And while we’re talking about Heath, he also recently released a video for “Some Other Kind of Love,” a tenderhearted love song that fans were begging him to release after he teased it on TikTok.

Co-written by Heath along with Jeremy Bussey, Houston Phillips, Jay Brunswick, “Some Other Kind Of Love” features Heath’s trademark gritty, powerful vocals that turned everybody’s heads in the first place, as he sings about finally falling in love with somebody and realizing that there’s just something different about this one than all those times before:

“I’d settled down, I’d given up
My old heart had had enough
Now you’ve got me wonderin’ what that was
Cause baby this is some other kind of love
So much more than a feelin’

Some other kind of love
It ain’t wanted, girl it’s needed
You can call it fate, call it luck
All I know is we found us
Some other kind of love”

Speaking about the song, Heath said that love is a lot like music, and that both give you that special feeling when you find that person – or that song – that’s different from all the others:

“Seems to me, everyone has their own unique way of expressing love. We all show it differently, we all feel it differently but it’s something each and every one of us share. It’s in our souls….

I think it’s a lot like music. You can find it everywhere, but it’s those songs that stand out, the ones that stand the test of time, that really give us something to hold onto.”

Yeah, go ahead and add this one to the baby-makin’ playlist.

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