Tim McGraw Says He Proposed To Faith Hill In A Trailer At A Country Festival: “You’re From Mississippi, I’m From Louisiana, It Seems Pretty Appropriate”

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill country music

I mean, I feel like this beats the hell out of a sporting event proposal…

Tim McGraw stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon recently, and told the story of the time he proposed to his wife, the one and only Faith Hill.

Though, it wasn’t nearly as elaborate or over-the-top as one might expect for two of biggest superstars in country music.

Apparently, it happened in a trailer in the middle of nowhere:

“We were playing, I wanna say it was Montana, it was somewhere in the middle of nowhere. We had this big festival and we had been touring together for a little while.

Apropos for a country music concert, we had trailer houses for our dressing rooms.”

They had been dating and out on the road together for a while, and Tim had already asked Faith a few times to marry him, but she never took it that seriously.

Tim said this time was different, though:

“We were doing this big festival, and we were in this trailer house, and I had like my mirror and my road case and everything set up, and I asked Faith, I said, this was right before I went on stage, I said ‘You know, I want you to be my wife.’

She goes, ‘Well you’ve asked me that several times.’ This time I’m serious.

We’re in a trailer, she goes, ‘You’re asking me to marry you at a country music festival in a trailer  park?'”

Of course, that’s a very fair response in Faith’s defense, because I don’t know many girls who grow up dreaming about getting proposed to in a trailer…

But regardless of the simplicity of the moment (which actually sounds like a relief compared to the wild productions proposals have become in the age of Instagram and social media), Faith, of course, said yes:

“And I said, ‘Yes ma’am, I am. You’re from Mississippi, I’m from Louisiana, it seems pretty appropriate.’

And then when I came back off stage, she had written in lipstick, ‘Yes, I’m gonna be your wife.’ And I still have the mirror. I still have that mirror.”

Okay, that’s actually pretty damn cute…

Check out Tim tell the whole story himself:

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